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Save Time & Money using insitu steel formwork for your suspended concrete slabs

Materials include : bondek, condeck, kingflor, reflor concrete steel formwork

An alternative to using conventional timber formwork, Bondek Plus Low-glare Galvanised, Bondek, Condeck, Reflor & Kingflor are unsurpased for their ease of installation. There can be considerable cost & construction time savings when using an insitu concrete formwork. Less propping means more access to underneath the slab during curing, thus saving time for interior fitout. There are cost savings too as insitu formwork acts as bottom mesh, providing savings in both steel mesh and labour costs. So please submit your enquiry. We look forward to quoting on your next project.

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Product <50m2 >50m2 >100m2
Bondek Plus 600mm Cover Low-glare Galvanised
Bondek 590mm Cover
1.00mm $58.40/m2
0.75mm $53.40/m2
0.60mm $48.80/m2
1.00mm $57.90/m2
0.75mm $52.00/m2
0.60mm $48.05/m2
1.00mm $54.80/m2
0.75mm $49.45/m2
0.60mm $47.25/m2
Condeck 300mm Cover 1.00mm $74.60/m2
0.90mm $69.50/m2
0.75mm $61.70/m2
1.00mm $69.60/m2
0.90mm $64.85/m2
0.75mm $57.60/m2

1.00mm $65.85/m2
0.90mm $61.40/m2
0.75mm $54.50/m2

RF55 Reflor 55 600mm Cover 1.00mm $78.50/m2
0.75mm $65.90/m2
0.60mm $60.50/m2
1.00mm $77.20/m2
0.75mm $64.85/m2
0.60mm $59.60/m2
1.00mm $74.70/m2
0.75mm $72.85/m2
0.60mm $57.70/m2
KF70 KingFlor 70 600mm Cover 1.00mm $86.30/m2
0.75mm $72.90/m2
0.60mm $66.60/m2
1.00mm $74.85/m2
0.75mm $71.75/m2
0.60mm $65.50/m2
1.00mm $82.05/m2
0.75mm $69.30/m2
0.60mm $63.35/m2
KF57 KingFlor 57 300mm Cover 1.00mm $78.50/m2
0.75mm $65.90/m2
1.00mm $77.20/m2
0.75mm $64.85/m2
1.00mm $74.70/m2
0.75mm $62.85/m2

Price on Application for Larger Quantities. Prices subject to change without notice. Trade Prices Current July 2015

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Available Profiles

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bondek lysaght bluescope steel
Download Product Brochure Bondek 1348 Kb
Old Brouchure Still shows 590mm Cover but Span Tables Still Valid

Lysaght Bondek 590mm Cover NOT in NSW
Lysaght Bondek Plus 600mm Cover Low-glare Galvanised NSW ONLY
Thicknesses 1.0mm, 0.75mm & 0.6mm BMT

LYSAGHT BONDEK® Plus 600mm Cover (Low-glare Galvanised) NSW ONLY
Product Description and Features

LYSAGHT BONDEK® & LYSAGHT BONDEK® Plus profiled steel decking are highly efficient, versatile and robust formwork, reinforcement and ceiling systems for concrete slabs. It is a profile steel sheeting widely accepted by the building and construction industry to offer efficiency and speed of construction.

  • Excellent spanning capacities for greater strength and less deflection
  • Acts as permanent formwork with minimal propping and no stripping of formwork is required
  • Fast and easy to install (590mm wide or 600mm wide NSW) with less handling required
  • Works as composite slab saving on concrete and reinforcement costs
  • Ribs at 200mm centres creating a safe working platform with slip resistant embossments
  • Durable galvanised coating
  • Installation of suspended services and ceilings without drilling into the concrete slab
  • Reliable interlocking mechanism provides horizontal lapping for faster installation
  • Low-glare Galvanised LYSAGHT BONDEK® Plus 600mm Cover is now available NSW Only

Common Uses of this product
Structural Formwork and reinforcement system for composite slabs and beams



stramit condeck hp

ibs.com.au :: stramit condeckhp

Stramit Condeck 300 Cover
Thicknesses 1.0mm, 0.9mm & 0.75mm BMT

Stramit Condeck HP®

Stramit Condeck HP® is the latest version of Stramit Condeck permanent metal formwork. It offers superior span performance, reduced side lap fasteners, a ceiling suspension system and improved fire resistant design


Stramit Condeck HP® Composite Decking is ideal for floor slab construction in residential, commercial and many industrial applications. It is suitable for use in both steel frame and concrete frame construction, including band beam applications. In addition Stramit Condeck HP® Composite Decking has been successfully used in post-tensioned slabs. Whilst generally used in composite construction, Stramit Condeck HP® Decking can be used as an effective cost formwork in conventional slab applications.


Stramit Condeck HP® Decking is generally offered in three standard base metal thicknesses of 0.75mm, 0.90mm and 1.0mm. Other thicknesses may be supplied, dependent on lead times and availability.


ibs.com.au :: RF55 Reflor55 Fielders

RF55 Reflor55 Fielders

RF55 ReFlor55 600mm Cover
Thicknesses 1.0mm, 0.75mm & 0.6mm BMT

RF55® (ReFlor 55)

The Strongest Deck Of Its Type In Australia

RF55® (ReFlor 55) is the latest offer in Fielders huge range of KingFlor steel formwork solutions.... And there's more to Fielders new RF55® than meets the eye. Patented technology makes RF55® the strongest steel formwork profile in Australia compared to similar decks.
Take a closer look –
• The robust lapping rib of RF55® resists deflection under construction loads providing spans over 3.3 metres.
• ReLok® embossments developed in conjunction with the University of Western Sydney ensure a greater shear capacity of the slab.


KF70 KingFlor 70

KF70 KingFlor 70

KF70 KingFlor 70 600 Cover
Thicknesses 1.0mm, 0.75mm & 0.6mm BMT

KF70® (KingFlor 70)
You'll be floored. Less concrete. Less propping. Less laying time.

KF70® is a revolutionary steel formwork solution ideal for composite concrete slabs in concrete and steel framed construction over lengthy spans.
It is accepted as the most cost-effective steel formwork system and formwork of choice around the world.

Around the world 'trapezoidal decks' are the smartest choice in steel formwork. Fielders KF70® is the most optimal profile to maximise slab strength and spanning capabilities.
KF70® provides all the benefits of...
• Huge savings in concrete (up to 20%)
• A strong suspended slab
• Less deflection under wet concrete load
• Long spans without temporary propping

Compared to traditional profiles, KF70® saves 65kg of concrete per square metre of floor area.


ibs.com.au :: KF57 KingFlor 57

KingFlor 57 300 Cover
Thicknesses 1.0mm & 0.75mm BMT

KF57® (KingFlor 57)

Ideal for exposed ceiling applications

Fielders KF57® is a steel fromwork solution suitable for composite concrete slabs in concrete and steel framed construction. KF57® (formally Comform) is a light, easy to use lost-form steel decking designed to combine with a concrete topping to produce a composite concrete slab system.

KF57® Savings on Reinforcing Costs.
Fielders KF57® steel formwork incorporates a closed rib profile that is fully embedded in the concrete slab. The KF57® rib exhibits excellent resistance to overheating and distortion under fire load and contributes significantly to the positive bending capacity of the slab in fire.
Fire tests conducted for Fielders by the Centre of Environmental Safety & Risk Engineering at the Victorian University of Technology show that the area of reinforcing for a KF57® slab may be reduced or eliminated compared to alternative profiles due to the contribution of the rib.


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