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Hyspan® LVL  

Laminated veneer lumber specifically manufactured
for a wide range of structural applications in residential housing, commercial buildings and other structures.

Hyspan® is manufactured in Australia from Radiata Pine veneers which are rotary peeled, dried and laminated together under heat and pressure in continuous long lengths. The grain direction of all veneers is orientated in the longitudinal direction. The adhesive system provides a Type 'A' Bond (marine) which has proven performance for in excess of 50 years.

Hyspan® is especially well suited where long lengths and clear spans are required, and is often used in place of steel, which is heavy and difficult to install.

Quick Reference Guide for use of Hyspan®:


* Bearers * Underpurlins
* Bearers for Pole Frame Construction  * Garage Roof Strutting Beams 
* Floor Joists  * Garage Roof Pitching Beams 
* Lintels * Roof Beams 
* Ceiling Joists  * Veranda Beams 
* Hanging Beams  * Rafters
* Counter Beams  * Hip or Valley Rafters 
* Strutting Beams  * Truss Members 



* Roof Purlins  * Portal Frames  * Box Beams & 'I' Beam Flanges 
* Wall Girts  * Trusses * Floor Joists and Bearers 


What can builders and specifiers expect from Hyspan®?

High structural reliability:   Hyspan® is significantly more uniform than normal sawn timber because of its unique laminated construction.

Strong but lightweight:   Hyspan® has a high strength-to-weight ratio when compared with other commonly used structural materials. This means lighter members and therefore improved productivity on-site.


Straight and true cross sections:    Hyspan® is ripped from a 1.2 metre wide continuous length. The result is straight members with uniform and true cross sections.

Stability and accuracy:   Hyspan® is a seasoned, manufactured product which has little tendency to warp, bow, shrink, twist or split. Hyspan® can be width sawn or docked on-site to the required size or lengths without effecting the design properties.

Easier and more economical to install:   When building with Hyspan® there's no need to plane or straighten members. Normal wood working tools and techniques can be used.

Guaranteed quality:   Hyspan® is product certified by the Plywood Association of Australia (PAA).

(Hyspan®, Hybeam® and Hyplank® are registered trademarks of Carter Holt Harvey)


View and Download the latest Hyspan Publications



Hyspan: Introduction

This downloadable file contains introductory information on Hyspan LVL. 4 Pages.
Format: PDF. File Size: 240KB.
Download Time: 1 minute (56K Modem)



Hyspan: Span Tables for residential building

This downloadable file contains information for the design and installation of Hyspan LVL. 72 Pages.
Format: PDF. File Size: 984KB.
Download Time: 2.5 minutes (56K Modem)



Hyspan: Limit States Design

This downloadable file is provided in order to enable limit states design to be performed with Hyspan in accordance with the requirements of AS1720.1-1997,Timber structures, Part 1: Design methods. 4 Pages.
Format: PDF. File Size: 156KB.
Download Time: 30 seconds. (56K Modem)



Industrial Floors: Hyspan / Hybeam / Plyfloor

This downloadable file contains information for engineered timber floor systems for commercial, industrial and other heavy load applications. 20 Pages.
Format: PDF. File Size: 400KB.
Download Time:1.5 minutes (56K Modem)


ibs.com.au :: hyspan span tables  

Hyspan: Span Tables for High Wind Areas

This downloadable file contains span tables to provide Hyspan sizes where W50C and W60C wind forces apply and the component size is critically determined by consideration of wind load. 20 Pages.
Format: PDF. File Size: 400KB.
Download Time:1.5 minutes (56K Modem)


Hyspan: Subfloor Solutions
This downloadable file provides simple and flexible solutions for subfloor bearers and floor joists for houses.

2 pages
Format: PDF File Size 346KB
Download Time: 30 seconds


Hyspan: Use in weather exposed applications
This downloadable file describes where Hyspan is used for weather exposed applications, detailing the requirements and installation methods to minimise moisture availability.

2 Pages
Format: PDF  File Size: 155KB
Download Time: 30 seconds

Material Safety Data Sheet (LVL)

This downloadable file is written by futurebuild in accordance with Worksafe Australia and OSH New Zealand Guidelines.

4 Pages.
Format: PDF. File Size: 191KB.
Download Time:1.5 minutes

Download time based on 56k modem    


Material Safety Data Sheet (H2 Treated LVL) 

This downloadable file is written by futurebuild in accordance with Worksafe Australia.  
4 Pages.
Format: PDF. File Size: 77 KB.
Download Time:1.0 minute

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