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Laserlite 2000+ on Special This Month at only $15.70/m for Corrugated Roma, Greca & Trimdek Profiles. Full range of colours available.

Materials : Laserlite 2000, Laserlite 3000, Polycarbonate Roofing. Roma, Greca & Trimdek Profiles

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Laserlite Polycarbonate Roofing

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All our Laserlite Polycarbonate Roof Sheeting ships warehouse direct
It is plastic wrapped to ensure it gets on site undamaged and scratch free

Delivery Available Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide & Canberra Metro Areas plus Newcastle, Wollongong & Most Major Country Centres For Standard Fee of $60.50 Inc GST. Freight Charges will be confirmed prior to ordering.

Installation Service Available for these products by Qualified Tradesman

laserlite australia logo Laserlite Australia Pty Ltd, a member of the world wide Bayer Material Science Organisation, is a progressive manufacturer, marketer and distributor of high quality industrial, commercial and domestic roofing, cladding, glazing, fabrication, display and building products.

Laserlite specialises in the extrusion of high-tech Bayer Makrolon® polycarbonate resin, and in particular, profiled polycarbonate roofing. Among the best in the world, Laserlite brands are the only brands of polycarbonate roofing that are manufactured in Australia for the harsh Australian environment and the only brands in the world that are certified to the Australian and New Zealand Standard for polycarbonate roof and wall cladding.

Since its establishment, Laserlite has set the pace in the manufacture and marketing of new generation translucent roofing products. Now the marketer of Australia’s best-known translucent roofing brands – Laserlite, Makrolon and Alsynite - and the Australian market leader in polycarbonate roofing, Laserlite continues to develop new generation products for the Australian and export markets.


Product Performance

Laserlite 2000+ Colour Range
Clear, Opal, Cream, Bronze Tint & Grey Tint

Laserlite 3000 Colour Range
Platinum, Ice, Cool Cream, Metallic Bronze & Gun Metal

laserlite comfort level
laserlite light level

Roma Profile

Laserlite 2000+
Laserlite 3000

laserlite roma corrugated profile

Greca Profile

Laserlite 2000+
Laserlite 3000

ibs.com.au :: laserlite greca corrugated profile

Trimdek Profile

Laserlite 2000+

laserlite trimdek profile

LASERLITE 2000+. Australia’s first choice.

Laserlite 2000+ is the most popular polycarbonate roofing in the country.

Laserlite® 2000+ is light weight, durable, 99.9% UV protected and has high impact resistance. Offering the most extensive range of transparent and translucent colours, three profiles and backed by a 15+ year Lifetime Platinum Warranty.

Whether it’s for a pergola, carport, verandah or gazebo, greenhouse or conservatory, Laserlite® 2000+ is suitable for even the most discerning home owner.

No wonder it’s Australia’s first choice.


laserlite 2000+ colours
Laserlite 2000+ Colours

Colour Light Transmission % Heat Reduction %*
Clear 93% 0%
Opal 49% 52%
Cream 43% 62%
Bronze Tint 38% 33%
Grey Tint 19% 47%

Laserlite 3000 ®. Advanced performance, contemporary design.

Only Laserlite® 3000 combines advanced heat reflecting performance, light transmission and the largest range of contemporary metallic colours to suit any lifestyle.

Laserlite® 3000's secret for advanced performance is the millions of heat reflective metallic particles that are encapsulated in each polycarbonate sheet. They provide a lustrous metallic or pearl appearance, as well as extremely efficient heat reflecting properties.

In fact, it also provides protection from 99.9% of harmful UV radiation, has around 250 times the impact strength of glass and is backed by a lifetime warranty. Laserlite® 3000 is available in a range of contemporary colours to suit any lifestyle. Backed by a 15+ year Lifetime Platinum Warranty.

laserlite 3000 colours
Laserlite 3000 Colours

Colour Light Transmission % Heat Reduction %*
Platinum 18% 69%
Ice 47% 63%
Cool Cream 43% 68%
Metallic Bronze 16% 65%
Gun Metal 16% 66%
  *Based on the warming effect of the Sun's rays through a sheet vs 3mm float glass (300-2500mm)

Laserlite One Shot®

Laserlite One Shot® saves up to 50% installation time, makes installation easy and ensures the most professional finish. Laserlite One Shot® also helps your Laserlite perform better, by cutting an expansion hole to prevent buckling due to changes in temperature.

The Laserlite One Shot® is recommended for use with Laserlite 3000 ® and Laserlite® 2000+ (do not use on Fibreglass as the cutter will tear the sheet).

Help your Laserlite perform better
Prevent your Laserlite Polycarbonate buckling due to changes in temperature by cutting an oversized hole in one action.

Save 50% Installation time*
Unique blade cuts an oversized hole in the Laserlite Polycarbonate, and its strengthened tip drills through the steel or timber batten all in one action. No more pre-drilling required.

Easy Installation
No more pre-drilling means installation is faster and easier. No extra expense of specialist tools. No extra effort changing tools.

Professional Finish
Automatically centres the oversized holes to allow the sheet to expand and contract in both directions equally, for the most professional finish.

*50% claim based on number of steps.

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Timber One Shot Fixing


• Coated to AS 3566 Class 3
• 12 gauge
• 11 threads per inch
• Suitable for use with treated timber
• Type 17 (shape of tip)
• Suitable for use with 5/16” Drive
• Hex Head
• Cut an 11mm expansion hole
• Suitable for use at a drill speed of 1000rpm

laserlite oneshot screws

Steel One Shot Fixing


• Coated to AS 3566 Class 3
• 12 gauge
• 14 threads per inch
• Suitable for use with battens - thickness 0.75mm to 4.5mm
• Suitable for use with 5/16” Drive
• Hex Head
• Cut an 11mm expansion hole
• Suitable for use at a drill speed of 2000rpm

noise stop tape Laserlite Noise Stop Tape is a foam adhesive tape used to reduce the cracking and creaking noises associated with expansion and contraction of roofing sheets. The chemically cross-linked closed cell polyethylene used in Noise Stop Tape is light, flexible water resistant and airtight.

Product Specifications

Flashings: Colours: Clear, Bronze Tint, Grey Tint, Opal & Cream. Length 3.0m
Laserlite Polycarbonate Flashings are premium quality flashings for Laserlite roofing products. They combine high impact strength, light weight and clarity with excellent weather resistance and UV protection. A co-extruded UV barrier protects the flashings from UV degradation and yellowing, and those under them from harmful UV radiation.

Manufactured in Australia from Makrolon ® polycarbonate, Laserlite Polycarbonate Flashings are made tough for the harsh Australian environment.

Available in Apron, Ridge and Barge, the Laserlite Polycarbonate Flashing Range covers all of your

polycarbonate barge capping polycarbonate ridge capping
polycarbonate apron capping


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