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Materials : Suntuf Standard & SolarSmart Corrugated, Greca & Trimdeck / TL5 Polycarbonate Roofing

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suntuf polycarbonate roof sheeting

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Suntuf Polycarbonate Roofing

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All our Suntuf Polycarbonate Roof Sheeting ships warehouse direct
It is plastic wrapped to ensure it gets on site undamaged and scratch free

Delivery Available Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & Adelaide Metro Areas For Standard Fee of $55.00 Inc GST
Newcastle, Wollongong, Canberra & Other Areas are Price on Application

Installation Service Available for these products by Qualified Tradesman

suntuf polycarbonate roof sheeting SUNTUF® was the first polycarbonate sheeting available in Australia. While its immediate success created a flood of imitations, SUNTUF has continued to set the standard. SUNTUF revolutionised the Australian market 10 years ago with the release of Solar Control. Now SUNTUF SolarSmart will again transform the way you think about heat reflective sheets.
The SUNTUF range is available in 3 great styles - Standard, SolarSmart & SolarSmart Selective.
The SUNTUF Standard polycarbonate sheeting has been a proven winner in Australian homes. A reliable and effective sheeting with multipurpose uses for both domestic and industrial applications. Offering clients the benefits of strength, appeal and greater flexibility makes it the clear front runner for your next project. SUNTUF SolarSmart & SolarSmart Selective ranges of sheeting are simply the best on the market! Currently no other Australian profiled sheet can provide as much light while reducing heat as well as Suntuf SolarSmart or SolarSmart Selective. The high standards of SolarSmart are perfect for your comfort, especially on those hot Australian summer days. Plants grow well under SUNTUF, SUNTUF SolarSmart & SolarSmart Selective sheeting. There is the added benefit of a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty and great range of colours to suit your individual needs. Imagine yourself relaxing under your pergola or next project with the knowledge that the sun’s harmful UV rays are being kept out and you’re protected by the guaranteed winner - SUNTUF.

suntuf standard solarsmart solar smart selective camparion chart

For Span and installation details visit www.palram.com.au
*Trimdeck/TL5 1mm, SPANTUF and KINGKLIP are available for viewing on our website below. Longer length sheets to 10.2m are available ex factory.
Slight colour variation may occur between production runs. Colours depicted in brochure are only a representation



Home improvers are faced with a bewildering choice of pergola roofing these days, but SUNTUF® remains the number one choice because it offers flexibility, longevity, versatility and UV protection and lifetime warranty.


SUNTUF® Polycarbonate Sheeting is guaranteed not to lose more than 8% of the sheet's light transmission in its first 10 years and no more than 1% for every year thereafter. Suntuf is also guaranteed not to break from hail (up to 25mm in diameter) for 10years. It is the protective layer coextruded into the sheet that allows SUNTUF to maintain its high light transmission and stops it from yellowing for at least 10 years. Clear SUNTUF Sheeting has been tested for over 20 years and the results have shown less than a 5% light transmission loss.

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Suntuf Standard

SUNTUF® Polycarbonate Sheeting is purposely designed to offer you year-round protection from the harsh Australian environment. This incredibly strong and flexible polycarbonate is extruded from the most advanced polymers currently used in plastics technology. The result is a high quality, lightweight sheet suitable for roof and wall cladding that is virtually unbreakable.
SUNTUF is manufactured to comply with AS/NZS 4256.5 (Part 10.2 & 10.3) Plastic roof and wall cladding materials.

SUNTUF Polycarbonate Sheeting's light weight allows it to be installed at almost any height, on almost any type of structure. SUNTUF is designed for covering verandahs, pergolas, conservatories, gazebos, carports, spa pools, greenhouses and for use on fences, windbreaks or as skylights in garages, garden sheds and farm buildings. Available
in a variety of tints and colours, SUNTUF offers a
way to achieve the best combination of heat and
light transmission.

Colours Available: Solar Grey, Cedar Bronze, Opal, Smooth Cream & Clear

cedar bronze solar gey mist green opal smooth cream clear

Suntuf SolarSmart

Suntuf SolarSmart represents a revolution in polycarbonate sheeting. The sheet is transparent, yet it is still able to block out more solar radiation than any other sheet currently on the market.

How does SolarSmart work?

SUNTUF® SolarSmart reflects more heat across the entire ultra-violet light spectrum, not just the portion that provides visible light. “Near infra-red” radiation from the sun is invisible to our eyes but contains large amounts of heat that we feel on our skin. New SUNTUF® SolarSmart is unique in its ability to block out “near infra red” heat radiation. Hold up a sample to the sun or to an ultraviolet lamp and you will feel the SolarSmart difference.

Colours Available: Transparent Grey

solarsmart translucent grey

Suntuf SolarSmart Diffused

SUNTUF® SolarSmart Diffused is a unique new addition to the SUNTUF family of polycarbonate sheeting. The unique heat reflection technology of SolarSmart is combined with an embossed finish to eliminate harsh glare from the sun. This special coating on the underside of the sheet provides glare-free diffused light, which is spread evenly across your pergola for a brighter and more comfortable outdoor area.

Colours Available: Diffused Grey & Diffused Ice

ibs.com.au :: solar smart diffused grey ice

Suntuf SolarSmart Selective

Solarsmart Selective uses the latest technology to provide you with the lowest heat transfer, whilst still giving excellent light transmission. Coupled with Palram’s unique anti-glare technology and proven longevity, Solarsmart Selective is the number 1 in polycarbonate roofing.

Colours Available: Metallic Jasper & Sandune

  • Most technically advanced sheet available
  • 25 year Water Tight Warranty
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Unique embossed underside
  • Optimal diffused light
  • Minimal glare
  • High quality
  • Earthy modern colours
  • Matches metal colours and profiles

suntuf industrial sheeting progile comparison chart

SUNTUF Industrial, the leading polycarbonate skylight panel in the world, is now available in an expanded range of profiles that will integrate with most metal roofing. SUNTUF Industrial possesses up to 20 times the impact resistance of fibreglass and 200 times the tensile strength of glass.
SUNTUF Industrial has the highest light transmission values, the lowest yellowing index, the highest load rating, and the highest resistance to wind uplift. These outstanding properties have been confirmed in accredited laboratory testing and in installations worldwide since 1985. Virtually unbreakable, SUNTUF Industrial polycarbonate roofingretains its impact properties over a wide temperature range while meeting Australian building code requirements.

SUNTUF Industrial is available in the following colours: Clear, Opal, Solar Control Metallic Ice and light Diffuser.

SUNTUF Industrial is virtually unbreakable and offers great design flexibility when curving both along and across the corrugations. Polycarbonate's unbreakable qualities make the sheet resistant to impact from hail or even hammer blows, yet the sheets can easily be cut using a wide range of cutting tools.
Colour and Light Transmission
Only SUNTUF Industrial corrugated polycarbonate skylights offer such a range of options for light and heat transmission values.
Suntuf Industrial Colour  


Metallic Ice Diffused light with no glare
Opal Diffused light with good shading
Diffuser** Maximum diffused light


Clear Maximum light and heat
* Percentage of direct heat from the sun passing through the sheet
** Recommended for all roofing panels used as skylights




SUNTUF Polycarbonate Sheeting offers a maximum protection (as tested by Australian Skin Cancer Research Foundation) of 99.9% against harmful UV rays, helping to protect you and your family all year round. This maximum UV protection also makes SUNTUF suitable for greenhouse applications. At the same time SUNTUF allows up to 90% of available light through the sheet and its resistance to weathering makes it suitable for Australia's varied climatic conditions.


SUNTUF polycarbonate sheets carry a limited manufacturers warranty, not to lose more than 8% of light transmission for the first ten years and thereafter no more than 1% per year when measured in accordance with ASTMD-1003-77. SUNTUF polycarbonate sheets are warranted for ten years from the purchase date, not to break or fail as a result of the impact of hail measuring up to 25mm in diameter.


SUNTUF Polycarbonate Sheeting is virtually unbreakable it offers great design flexibility when curving both along and across the corrugations. SUNTUF can be curved longitudinally where the radius of the curvature is 4000mm or greater. Polycarbonate's unbreakable qualities make the sheet resistant to impact from hail or even hammer blows, yet the sheets can easily be cut using a wide range of cutting tools.


Suntuf Clearfix Fasteners

This revolutionary fixing screw is the No 1 choice when
installing SUNTUF polycarbonate sheeting. To allow for sheet expansion use the Clearfix fixing screw that pre-drills the 10mm expansion hole and drives the screw in one-go, saving up to 50% of installation time.
• Eliminates the use of a second tool for predrilling
• Allows for thermal expansion of sheets
• Fastener self centres during installation
• One fastener self drills into both timber & metal purlins
• Complies to BHP Class 3 specification
• Suits all profiles
• Allow approximately 6-8 screws per m2
• Use variable speed drill at low speed when cutting holes

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suntuf correct screw fixing
Maximum Batten / Purlin Spacings


Mid Span (mm)

End Span (mm)

polycarbonate maximum batten / purlin spacings
Corrugated 1000 800
Greca 1200 900
Trimdek/TL5 0.8mm 1200 900
Trimdek/TL5 1.0mm 1500 1000
Spantuf 1400 900
KingKlip 2100 1800


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