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We can now offer expanded delivery areas as a result of OneSteel's Acquisition of Smorgon Steel Reinforcing.


Materials include : Steel Mesh, Trench Mesh, Reo Bar, Concrete Mesh, Galintels & Rendabars

Over the past 75 years the predominant reinforcing fabric in Australia has been the 450 MPa plain wire welded fabric. Smorgon Steel Reinforcing is the first national company to introduce a full range of ribbed, high strength reinforcing fabrics to the construction industry Australia wide. As a result of this Seropeco Australia Pty Ltd - Independent Building Supplies can bring to you a full range of steel mesh, reinforcement, reo bars, bar chairs and accessories. Added to this is our range of Concrete formwork Bondek, Condeck, ReFlor & KingFlor. We look forward to quoting on your next project so why not call our friendly team for an obligation free quote.

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ibs.com.au : : Smorgon Steel Mesh Smorgon Steel Reinforcing is Australia's largest manufacturer and distributor of steel reinforcing products to the building and construction industries
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ARC Ribmesh 500™
  • The familiar fabric configurations remain unchanged in the Rectangular, Square and Trench Mesh products
  • 500L steels with d > 5.0 mm must comply with all requirements of yield stress, ductility ratio and uniform elongation as stated in AS/NZS 4671 Steel Reinforcing Materials standard
  • ARC Ribmesh 500™ meets the requirements of the new Australian and New Zealand Steel Reinforcing Materials Standard AS/NZS 4671, AS 3600, AS 2870 and AS 3735.
ARC Ribmesh 500™. More grip, less slip.

Over the past 75 years the predominant reinforcing fabric in Australia has been the 450 MPa plain wire welded fabric. Smorgon Steel Reinforcing is the first national company to introduce a full range of ribbed, high strength reinforcing fabrics to the construction industry Australia wide.
The 500 MPa ribbed wire welded fabric is recognised throughout the world as the benchmark standard in reinforcing fabric. Smorgon Steel Reinforcing as an organisation embracing world's best practice, consider the product improves the efficient use of material in design and enhances the performance of structural concrete slabs. The increased yield strength gives more strength per kilogram of steel (approximately 10% more strength).
The ribbed profile wire has a greater ability to bond to concrete than plain wire does. This ability assists in minimizing the widths of cracks which form in the tensile zones of concrete flexural elements or as a consequence of shrinkage, which generally provides improved durability.
Smorgon Steel Reinforcing has made it easy to interchange the old F series plain wire fabric with the new RF series ARC Ribmesh™ equivalent. The familiar fabric configurations remain unchanged in both the square and rectangular fabrics and the downsize side lapping wires are still featured in the popular square fabrics.
ARC Ribmesh™ meets the requirements of the following Australian Standards:
- AS/NZS4671
- AS2870
- AS3600
- AS3735

Setting The Benchmark

The introduction of Smorgon Steel Reinforcing's new range of 500 MPa meshes, ARC Ribmesh 500™, brings with it a rationalisation of the current RF series as well as the introduction of a new L-class mesh classificiation system.
Key areas to note:

  • The new range of ARC Ribmesh 500™ offers the same minimum yield stress as the current RF series of meshes
  • Changes to some wire diameters, masses and cross sectional areas
  • Improved consistency of ductility performance
  • Carbon equivalent maximum value Ceq of 0.39
  • Tensile strength to yield strength ratio Rm/Re > 1.03
  • Uniform elongation Agt(%) > 1.5
  • Manufactured from 100% recycled steel
  • Australian made
  • Manufactured in accordance with the new performance based AS/NZS 4671 Steel Reinforcing Materials standard.

Steel Mesh Stock Product Information
Stock Bar Product - Table of Information
Steel Reo Reinforcement Stock Bar Information


  • ARC Steelforce 500™ is also available in non-standard diameters 10mm (coils), 40mm & 50mm(bar).
  • 500 MPa continuously threaded Barlink™ is also available in 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm and 32mm diameters.
  • Please check for available stock lengths of N-Bar.
  • ARC Steelforce 500™ replaced Grade 400 (Y-Bar) material.
  • N-class material = normal ductility material.
  • Other Lengths & Scheduling Available on Request.
Smorgon Steel Reinforcing's History of Capability

Smorgon Steel Reinforcing has been at the forefront of the steel reinforcement industry in Australia for over 80 years. Major projects suplied include: The Snowy Mountains Scheme; Melbourne's Westgate Bridge, Loy Yang Power Station, MCG Great Southern Stand and City Link Project; and Sydney's Glebe Island Bridge, Homebush Olympic Stadium and M5 Road Project.

To maintain its technological edge, Smorgon Steel Reinforcing advanced into 500 MPa steel reinforcement before its competitors, supplying the first major infrastructure project of its kind in Australia, the Sydney Airport Link.

Plastic Bar Chairs  
ibs.com.au :: slab on ground bar chairs
  • Slab on ground (SOG) are made to cover 2 heights.
  • These bar chairs are a dual size plastic reinforcing.
  • These bar chairs have a flat base to minimise penetration through the water proof membrane.
  • The bar chairs are supplied stacked in the bag to minimise storage space.
Trench Mesh Supports  
trench mesh supports

Trench Mesh Supports are the ideal system for placing trench mesh and maintaining concrete cover to the reinforcement.

Trench Mesh Supports save time and keep the reinforcement securely in position during the concrete pour

The trench mesh support is suitable for use with L8TM, L11TM, L12TM trench mesh and Y12 bars.
The trench mesh support is clipped on to the trench mesh before lowering into the trench. Positive grip ensures correct cover - no lifting required during the concrete pour.
Trench Mesh Supports help maintain correct minimum bottom and edge cover. Trench Mesh Supports compensate for any unevenness in the excavation. (Supports are approximately 60 mm in height).

Plastic Tipped Wire Bar Chairs  
plastic tipped wire bar chairs
  • Made from galvanised steel
  • Plastic tipped on each leg
  • Range of heights from 20 mm to 360 mm
  • Used in suspended slabs, beams, vertical walls and slab on ground applications
  • Ensures consistent placement of reinforcement in slabs
  • Requires no adjustment after pouring of concrete
Clip Fast Plastic  
clip fast plastic spacers
  • Non-rusting - will not stain concrete
  • Easy to apply, with a clipping action direct to the reinforcement
  • Light in weight
  • Wide range of types and sizes available for most common bar sizes and cover combinations
  • Very economical compared with steel spacers in the lower range of covers
  • Some types of spacers can be used to provide cover to more than one formwork surface with only one spacer.
Other Bar Chairs  
Goanna Continuous Bar Chairs
ibs.com.au :: goanna continous bar chairs
2 metre length continuous bar chairs with plastic tipped legs.
Plastic Deck spacers
plastic deck spacers
Deck Spacer Bottom

Concrete Spacers
concrete spacers

plastic deck spacers
Deck Spacer Top
Galintels, T-Bars & Rendabars  
ibs.com.au :: Standard Galintel T-Bars Rendabars Sizes
Other Lengths may be available so please enquire. Not all Lengths are available in all States.

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Lintels for a range of applications.
Smorgon Steel Reinforcing is an industry leader in the provision of a wide range of steel products for the building industry, and they continue to build on a reputation of prompt service and expert advice. So it is little wonder that Smorgon Steel Reinforcing have been chosen as authorised distributors of the Galintel® range of products.

Smorgon Steel Reinforcing lintel bars are recognised by the Australian Design Council and have been approved for use in all states and territories.

Strong and lightweight
Smorgon Steel Reinforcing's lintel products are the successful result of extensive research and testing by Galintel to produce a lightweight yet structurally rigid product. Weight savings of up to 40% allow substantial advantages for on-site handling, transport and construction time.

Solid Base Galintels® Angle and Flat Bar
Solid Base Galintels angle and flat bar are suitable for use in a broad range of applications. They feature a generous width of platform leg to cover holes in extruded bricks, the two ribbed profile gives extra strength, a sharp internal radius bend allows easy brick placement and provides recesses for mortar bonding. Angle and Flat Bar products are readily available in lengths to suit standard window and door openings.

Galintel 'T' Bar offers structural rigidity and a high strength to weight ratio and features a wide base of support for brickwork. The inside corners are fabricated to allow brickwork placement without the need to mitre off edges and a solid base enables a clean flat surface for painting. The thickness of the platform leg (nominally 7mm or 9 mm) enables bricklayers to place the bottom bed of mortar and ensures composite action is achieved without course mis-alignment.

Galintel Rendabar®
Galintel Rendabar is a total load bearing bar designed to facilitate cement rendering. It is a unique product made from a multi-ribbed steel, so it's lightweight and very strong. The ribs allow for composite action to be achieved, while the slotted platform leg allows moisture from the render to be absorbed into the brickwork, accelerating drying time. The dimensions of the product provide substantial support and enable bricklayers to cope with irregularities in brick sizes.



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