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Huge Range Available. Discount Prices. Australia Wide Delivery available on most products.

Materials Include: Fakro FX Fixed, FV Opening & FVE Electric Opening Skylights

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Delivery Available Australia Wide

Free Delivery Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth for orders over $200.00

Live in a brighter world that spreads abundant natural light into your living rooms, utility spaces and hallways. Create dramatically lit rooms with sky views and improved ventilation that look and feel stylish and stunning.

fakro skylights in the kitchen
fakro skylights in the lounge
fakro skylights in the bedroom
In the Kitchen
In the Lounge
In the Bedroom

With three models available in a range of standard sizes, there is a Fakro skylight for every application and budget.

From commercial multi-unit applications, to single bathroom renovations or attic conversions, Fakro has the answer.

Nominal Frame Size mm SxK
Outside Frame Size mm BxL

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Fakro® FX Fixed Skylights
fakro fx fix skylight

Predominately used in overhead applications to allow light into a room where ventilation is not required, fixed skylights are designed to sit deeper in the roof for improved insulation and a lower profile on the roofline.



Fakro® FV Opening Skylights
fakro fv opening skylight

Great for providing natural light and ventilation, the manual opening skylight comes complete with a factory fitted insect screen that can be easily removed for cleaning purposes. Opening Skylights can be operated by a telescopic control rod when out-of-reach, or a small crank handle for within reach applications.

Fakro Opeing Skylights allow hot air to escape whilst fresh, subtle breezes flow into the home, filling the room with additional light, minimising the need for artificial lighting and electric air-conditioners.

Fakro® FVE Electric Opening Skylights
fakro fve electric opening skylight
Installing Electric Skylights into your home is now so much more affordable with the new Fakro Electric Opening Skylight.

This beautifully crafted product has been designed so it can be easily operated with a remote control from the comfort of your living room chair. The 24V motor and transformer are cleverly concealed by a white cover on the bottom of the skylight frame to attractively suit most home or office building decors.

Built-in rain sensors will automatically close the skylight once rain is detected and blinds (see accessories below) can also be installed onto the FVE and operated by the same remote control.

The FVE is supplied with an insect screen which for safety reasons must be installed to operate the skylight and blinds. Installation of the FVE is also straight-forward as it has been designed with a six metre cable and three pin plug that can be connected to a 230V power outlet inside the roof.


Features that make Fakro Skylights the best!

All Fakro Skylights have highly energy efficient Insulating Glass Units and are made from high quality Nordic pine, which are arguably the best on the market.

Insulated Glazing Unit

  1. Exterior toughened 4mm safety glass for strength and durability
  2. Argon gas injected for increased thermal performance (14mm airspace)
  3. Low-E coating to reduce solar heat gain
  4. Laminated safety glass for strength and maximum protection from fading
  5. Double thickness (0.76mm) laminating interlayer for extra safety and UV protection
fakro skylight cut away

Combined, these features not only provide superior safety and energy efficiency, but also result in reduced fading, excellent sound insulation ratings and greater durability.

Timber Construction

  • Wide, thick Nordic pine timber frames provide maximum stability to better resist warping and improve the long term integrity of the skylight.
  • All timber components are placed in an autoclave and vacuum impregnated with preservative that reaches deep within the timber structure to prevent mould or moisture build-up, compared to surface applied preservatives on some other skylights.
  • All timber surfaces are fully factory sealed with two coats of clear based lacquer to resist absorption of moisture and subsequent swelling or cracking.
  • The UV protected lacquer provides a premium longer lasting finish, removes the need for expensive onsite finishing costs and allows the wood to be easily cleaned of finger marks after installation.
  • The lacquered timber frame is fitted with condensation gaskets to ensure all moisture is directed externally for superior sealing.

    Combined, these features reduce the level of maintenance required and extend the life and appearance of the skylight.

Skylights Tested and Approved

Cyclone Ratings

Fakro Skylights have been subjected to Cyclonic and Non Cyclonic Testing in a NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities) accredited laboratory.

Both the Fakro Fixed Skylight and Openable Skylight passed the test requirements of Australian Standard AS4285-1995, Skylights, for Resistance to Wind Pressure for Cyclone and Non-Cyclon Regions and the BCA's-1995.

Acoustic Insulation

Fakro Skylights have been tested for airborne sound insulation and achieved high level ratings of 36db's for Opening Skylights and 35db's for Fixed Skylights.

Cyclic Tests

The FVE Opening Skylight has passed cyclic testing of 10,000 open/close cycles plus an additional 5,000 cycles with extra weight placed on the sash of 12kgs (snow load). This works out to be approximately 41 years of opening and closing the skylight once a day.

Concentrated Load Tests

Fakro Opening Skylights have passed concentrated load tests of 1.1kN as per the default requirements of AS4285-1995.

Skylight Flashing

Your roofing professional will be able to advise you on a suitable flashing for your Fakro Skylight which are described in detail below.

Constructed from polyester coated aluminium and malleable metal, Fakro Flashing Kits provide an unobtrusive and enduring water-tight fit.

The flashings have passed stringent Australian water tightness tests at 15, 27, 45, and 60 degrees. Skylights using correctly installed Breezway Fakro Flashings comply with the structural requirements of AS4285 (skylights).

Fakro Skyights have two main flashing types:

  • EH - used in applications where the skylight is fitted in high-profiled roofing materials such as tiles (up to 90mm profile height) or corrugated metal roof sheeting. Not recommended for wide span high-profile roof decking with rollformed ridges of 35mm or greater, as custom flashing would be required.
  • EL - allows skylights to be flashed with thin, flat roofing materials such as slate or shingles.
Skylights require a roof pitch between 15 and 60 degrees. Custom made flashings which pitch the skylights at 15 degrees or more may be necessary on lower (flatter) roof pitches.

The use of Fakro Skylights in roof pitches above 60 degrees is not recommended and the manufacturers warranty is voided in such applications.

Fakro Skylight Accessories

SJP Venetian Blinds

Fakro Venetian Blinds are great for adding comfort to your home, allowing you to control the direction of light entering a room when required.

  • Available in white.
  • Manual or Electric.
  • Manual operated by SZS Telescopic Control Rod.
  • Electric operated by the same remote used to control the FVE Electric Skylight, or ZCTi required when used on FX & FV Skylights
fakro sjp venetian blind

SRF Blockout Roller Blinds
(suits the fixed skylights only)

Fakro Blockout Blinds are the perfect solution for providing maximum protection from direct sunlight and helps give you the privacy you may require at any time of day.

  • Available in beige.
  • Manual operation which can be controlled by SZS Telescopic Control Rod.

fakro srf blockour roller blind

Rod Controls, Hand Winders & Controllers

  1. SZS Telescopic Control Rod for FV Model out-of-reach and all manual blinds.
  2. CHF Short Crank Handle for FV Model within reach.
  3. ZCTi Wall Switch & ZRC Remote Control for electirc blind when used with FX & FV Skylights.

fakro szs telescopic rod :: chf short crank handle :: zcti wall switch and remote control

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